Trash Bandit


As the designer of Trash Bandit’s branding elements, I took careful consideration to create a captivating badge, logo, and icon that represents the Tex-Mex brand’s identity. The badge I designed incorporates elements that reflect the adventurous spirit and vibrant flavours of Tex-Mex cuisine. With a clever combination of a mischievous raccoon character, a sombrero, and a sizzling skillet, the badge instantly captures attention and establishes a unique visual identity for Trash Bandit.









In designing the icon, my goal was to create a set of visually appealing and intuitive graphics that enhance the user experience. Each icon represents a popular Tex-Mex dish or a common action within the app or website. Using clean lines and recognizable shapes, I ensured the icons were easily identifiable at various sizes and delivered a seamless user navigation experience. I’ve created a cohesive brand identity by incorporating these icons consistently throughout Trash Bandit’s digital platforms.

Through the meticulous design of the badge, logo, and icons, I have successfully captured the essence of Trash Bandit’s Tex-Mex brand. These visual elements not only differentiate Trash Bandit from competitors but also evoke fun, establishes brand recognition, and fosters a connection with the target audience. With a cohesive and visually stunning branding package, Trash Bandit is now equipped with the tools to make a lasting impression and build a strong brand presence in the Tex-Mex industry.