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I recently had the opportunity to embark on an exciting logo project, reworking the branding for a local barber known as “The Heartbreak Club.” The client desired a fresh and captivating design that encompassed the themes of 80s movies and cyberpunk aesthetics, blending nostalgia with futuristic elements. To begin the creative process, I delved into extensive research on 80s movie posters, typography, and cyberpunk imagery. Drawing inspiration from iconic films of the era, such as “Blade Runner” and “The Breakfast Club,” I aimed to capture the essence of rebelliousness, style, and mystery that defined that era.




Incorporating the 80s movie theme, I infused the logo with vibrant neon colors and bold, geometric shapes reminiscent of the era’s retro-futuristic design language. The typography evoked the aesthetics of movie titles from the time, with a mix of bold and futuristic fonts, combining elements of nostalgia with a contemporary twist. To incorporate the cyberpunk theme, I integrated futuristic elements such as circuit patterns, glitch effects, and neon lights. These elements not only added a touch of edginess but also conveyed the concept of a rebellious and avant-garde barber experience. The cyberpunk-inspired elements seamlessly merged with the 80s movie theme, creating a visually captivating logo that stood out from traditional barbershop branding.



Throughout the design process, I aimed to strike a balance between the two themes, ensuring that the logo reflected both the retro charm of 80s movies and the sleek, futuristic vibe of cyberpunk aesthetics. The end result was a logo that conveyed the unique identity of “The Heartbreak Club” while captivating the target audience with its evocative blend of 80s nostalgia and cyberpunk allure. Overall, working on this logo project was a thrilling experience, combining elements of two distinct themes—80s movies and cyberpunk—to create a visually striking and engaging brand identity for “The Heartbreak Club.” The logo now serves as a powerful visual representation of the barber’s unique style and sets the stage for a barber experience that fuses the rebellious spirit of the past with the cutting-edge trends of the future.